Şekerci Cafer Erol


Cafer Erol embarked on his passion filled journey for sweets in 1807. His trademark flair for Ottoman desserts, alchemic like ability to experiment blend and tailor-made taste, the very lasting impression left on his consumer palets, visionary approach and importance given to his aesthetics of his products were well recognised then and continue to be in our present time, ensuring Cafer Erol's legend has lived on.

Over the years Cafer Erol rendered himself indispensable to his consumers and in 1945 relocated its headquarters to Kadıköy. The company has been passed down through 5 generations and is currently run by his grandson.

Cafer Erol adopted a boutique production style, the emphasis of his philosophy being customer satisfaction. Without compromising from quality, quality control is to be maintained in every detailed step of the process. Two additional stores have been opened in İstanbul Göztepe and İstinye Park to deliver its unique products to its customers, expanding Cafer Erol's legacy.

Cafer Erol's ambition is to establish the bridges between the nostalgic tastes of the past and the present and combining them eloquently. This is done by amalgamating methods and tastes from each respective era.