Şekerci Cafer Erol


Ottoman Desserts

Tatlı Çeşitlerimiz
Fatih Sarması (With apricot marmelade)
Ottoman's Tulumba (Fluted deep fried fritters in thick syrup)
Şam Tatlısı (Damascus dessert)
Şekerpare (Dipped in thick syrup)
Badem Tatlısı (Almond dessert)
Keşkül (Milk and almond pudding)
Kestane Şekeri (Chesnut Sweet)
Zerde (Saffron and rice dessert)
Aşure (Wheat pudding with dried nuts and fruits)

Confectioner Cafer Erol demonstrates its expertise on its dairy desserts, along with Ottoman tulumba dessert, almond dessert, Şam dessert, homemade baklavas, sekerpares and pastries. You can be sure your celebrations, events, holidays and all the special moments you wish to share with your family and guests will be a deliciously memorable experience.